On this day the energies are volatile so if you can hold of on doing any important matters you will be better off.  Sometimes this is not possible so pray, meditate, cleanse your energies, this will counter the overall energy of the day.  Also you might want to see how your specific energies are, if also negative definitely stay low profile as tomorrow will be another day, look at your animal sign and if positive brave the energies and do what you need to do.

If this is your birthday as an old soul try and overcome these feelings of being stuck, you are wise enough to realize that as an old soul you have this expansive flow that might transfer into the feeling of not enough but in reality it’s just pushing you forward, you are open to change, not running away rather changing your situation with your creative artistic potential

Some magic get the cucumber peal and attach to forehead sides, back of neck to alleviate headaches.  On a full moon with lemon add dill to bath to amp up your attraction factor, irresistible.