Energy of the day:

Today is a good day to commence, start that project you’ve been planning but have been procrastinating.

Cancer:  Time for a mental day, good just to relax work will be waiting tomorrow and you will have your batteries recharged.

Capricorn:  Get rid of dead weight, pull the trigger on the changes in your life, it’s time.

If today is your birthday:

Get a sapphire stone and as you wear it will ward off negative energies, remember to prepare it by washing under running water, let it sit outside at night and over day to charge it for battle of protection.  You might have low immune system so eat well, sleep well, exercise, take vitamins and you will overcome any health shortcomings.  Make time and prepare for inspiration it’s just around the corner of life.  Your energies are so that being of service will be a good carrier for you, medicine, teaching could be your thing if it already is then you are on your best track.