Energy of the day:

A day with negative energies like this is best served to use negatively, so if you want to break up or get divorce it’s a good day to pull the trigger today.  If you want to initiate any legal act again good day to do it, not to do positive like getting married rather law suit or other you get it.

If today is your birthday:

You will have a long life, living a healthy life will get you to that ripe old age, write your book, there is power in this birthday.  You might lead the masses or sell your ideas to the masses, believe in yourself and the world will follow.  A generally good-looking day charisma is flowing, take your God given grace and make the world a better place.  Stop looking into the past for your long life will drive you forwards; we all make mistakes so close the chapter and more on to the next.  Stay away from violent situations but if you must make sure you win; your life will be a do over if you make any tragic mistakes you will be given a second and third chance.  Reborn from the ashes of your old existence you have the capability to reinvent yourself.  Good intuition and looks, if you trust you will most likely be right, otherwise regret you will, for not listening to it.  Generally, will be a good-looking date, physically or emotionally this date will have the tools to obtain what they want in life, creative ideas will overflow and there might be a book or two for this date.  A bit dramatic, maybe the arts might work for you, check out how you can best use these abilities and make money, you love to travel, and the good life will get you there.  If overwhelmed try and spend some nature time, forest, beaches, rivers, does not matter it will allow you to balance the stress.  When on the war path, red is what you should be wearing, it’s your power color.