Energy of the day:

Todays energy is so volatile that it’s best not to do anything of significance, try prayer, meditation, clear energy blocks, you know if you feel good or not if not then focus on cleansing energies this entire day.  If you are an Aries the message is don’t cut corners and you will get it done.

If today is your birthday:

You could hit a home run, as a sensitive creative charming personality there is a world ahead of you where the red carpet can be ahead for you.  Trust your instincts and allow your sensitive nature to give you a venue that opens doors.  Try cruising, going on the ocean will be a good thing for you, start by visiting the ocean, this is your let go and get good luck.  You will get a chance to show your leadership abilities don’t let other’s challenges get you down, don’t sweat it you know you got this.