Energy of the day:

Been working towards an end, today is a day to achieve all you’ve been working towards.  So if you’ve been prepping to apply for that new position, ask, if you’ve been thinking of proposing then do it on this day.

Virgo:  Being insecure, about all you have to do, have patience and all will turn out well.

Pisces:  It’s time, don’t feel you need to finish in a hurry, do it in due time and all will be well.

If today is your birthday:

The best place for you would be near water, ocean best river lakes and such but on a dry desert place would not be my recommended place you live.  Your best colors would be the blue green of the oceans, your bright and thus have a bright future, take all the opportunities given as doors will open to you as you go forth in life.  Work or personal sometimes you are wrapping things up and are faced with difficult alterations, no biggie just adjust course and get it done.