Energy of the day:

A great energy day to achieve so whatever is important for you, your family, your business should be pursued today.

Virgo:  Try and try again, you will achieve.

Pisces:  Think of it as new beginning and not an ending of the past.

If today is your birthday:

Go for it, your head is filled with positive things to do, initiate, talk about but have been barraged with so many ideas don’t know what to talk about, hey never too late so tell them about your thought.  Your creative mind needs an out, the only stupid idea is the one that could have won you the Pulitzer prize, but you never mentioned it, later you read someone else did it.  Your disposition is good for sales, any job or business dealing with the public is good for you.  Love and magic, for you if you are a woman is T.L.C. Tender loving care, so if you want a good life the other half must be attentive.