Not a good day to initiate travel, once you are on the trip this day is not a problem, not a good day to move, if you started yesterday it’s not a problem either.  For all other things to initiate it’s good, law suit, get married, file marriage license, get engaged etc. you get the idea.

If today is your birthday, you could be a philosopher, therapist, artist of some kind, your intuition and creative nature can take you far, charismatic if your self-esteem is good can again take you far.  I like plenty of cardio for this birthday, a great way to maintain emotional balance.  If you are wired with nervous energy take 2 sublingual vitamin B12 one with breakfast the other for lunch.

One sure way to get your life path on a better path is to get your Natal Chart done, I offer this service along with a solar return chart as well.  The first is for life the second is for your birthday, what do you want to improve a solar return can realign this coming year to better most situations, love, health, money etc.