This day is best to sit it out, nothing important should be endeavored today, lets take meditation, prayer, clean your aura, great day to do some yoga, Tai-chi for tomorrow will surely be a better day

If this is your birthday you are psychically inclined, mystic energy follows your path, open up to it and it will surely improve your life.  Stay away from black clothing you can try violet, purple, lavender, any pastels will also work.  Learning could be your thing, get your masters, doctorate, use what you got and you were definitely born to be more tomorrow than you were yesterday.

The stars will guide you, as you go on in your daily or yearly lives a solar return should be done far enough before your next birthday so if you need to realign some path it will guide you where your best aspects are and where you should spend your birthday to initiate changes for the following year.   That’s right if you need to improve family the solar return can most definitely help, along with any other aspect like work, money, health etc.  you get the idea.