Energy of the day:

This is the lowest energy of the month, the days like today where the energies are totally stagnant does not mean you can’t accomplish rather it will take unsurmountable effort the make it so.  Gemini, you feeling overwhelmed and things are just not going your way, best to take a step back, breathe and launch again tomorrow, two things at most no so many you will see how much you can accomplish.

If today is your birthday:

You are psychically inclined, mystic energy follows your path, open up to it and it will surely improve your life.  Stay away from black clothing you can try violet, purple, lavender, any pastels will also work.  Learning could be your thing, get your masters, doctorate, use what you got, and you were definitely born to be more tomorrow than you were yesterday.  Don’t get ahead of yourself take a step back and strategize else you could miss a step and then back to the drawing board of life.