Energy of the day:

Great day, the energy is such that most positive endeavors would do well, smile and know you are on the right track, a positive track.

Libra:  Choose a path that satisfies all your needs and wants, know it will all be fulfilled if you but have faith and execute.

Aries:  In the area of relationships, look deep into the mirror and ask I’m I being honest.

If today is your birthday:

Make sure you think before you speak, when you anger it can get to better of you and cost you in the long run.  Use your many skills or talents to better your path of life, in general you are liked, use that ability to get what you want, the field of sales or leadership would be good areas to expand the many uses for your abilities.  Take care of your health, always exercise and your life will not only be long but full of health otherwise you might develop some health concerns as you age.