One of the better days this month, it will alight to bring better results for any endeavor you choose to work on today.  Want to do nothing then concentrate on leisure activities, even yoga or tai-chi will be good today as any form of meditation can align your thought processes and give you that next great idea or project.

If this is your birthday the sky is the limit, your level of maturity even from a young age can catapult you to great heights.  You carry yourself with an air of divinity, people are attracted to you and you can be a leader.  Once you choose a direction like a dog with it’s bone will go after it until done.   All of the trials and tribulations you might experience just makes you ready for that fulfilling life ahead so onward.

Magical people out there should use Fumitory a shrub of sorts, many uses but you can simply boil and use this water to sprinkle in the home, even used as water to clean the floors to attract good luck to the home.  Take the plant itself and rub on shoes to let your path be full of abundance.