Energy of the day:

A good day for destruction, so if you need to tear something down today is the day, file divorce, break up a relationship, that old stump need removing, that old bathroom needs tearing down.

Scorpio:  Think the world has gone crazy, maybe it has but you are part so you may start to bring it to order, you first.

Taurus:  You have the strength to get it done, never doubt it.

If today is your birthday:

The sky is the limit, your level of maturity even from a young age can catapult you to great heights.  You carry yourself with an air of divinity, people are attracted to you and you can be a leader.  Once you choose a direction like a dog with its bone will go after it until done.   All of the trials and tribulations you might experience just makes you ready for that fulfilling life ahead so onward.