Energy of the day:

This is what is called an abundant energy day, use it or loose it, it’s time for an opportunity, remember it’s now the right time.

The Snake has very good energy today so if you have a plan, it’s time to execute.

Aries:  Time to reflect, especially in the area of relationships.

LIbra:  You have many choices, make the choice that is best and not just because it’s just easy.

If today is your birthday:

You should always get enough sunshine, if you don’t maybe some vitamin D supplement will be good for you.   Long life has been bestowed upon you, realize if you jump off a cliff you will die.  The string of your life barring self-endangerment will be long.  Work on your creative abilities and you will find you are better than you thought you were.  A ray of sunshine you can be, let the inner sunshine through and even a life in politics would be good for you.