On this day anything is possible, stay away from any legal entanglements today, in other day not a good day to go to court, initiate a law suit, if you get a ticket today, make a bath to clear that energy from attaching itself to you.  For example take a normal shower don’t dry off, get some regular salt and from the neck down scrub your body, wash off and immediately rub from the neck down with sugar, as you do ask to attract love, fill yourself with love, radiate love wash off and nothing negative will stick to you.

If this is your birthday you can be a teacher, therapist, just an all around smart person, so be open to listening to advice, don’t have to do it but should listen with an open mind.  For you nature is a good things visit the forest, rivers, ocean, if you don’t spend enough time outdoors take some vitamin D supplements.

Use galangal, I know what is it, it’s a root closely related to ginger or turmeric, so lets say you need extra money and who does not, get a leather pouch and put some silver in there with this root to attract abundance.  So although not the same you can use the same principle with ginger or turmeric, grind to a fine powder or buy it that way you may sprinkle in the corners of the rooms in the house or even by the front door for similar results.