Energy of the day:

Today is a day of smooth sailing, no matter what if you are doing what you have to, stay with that, don’t divert, knowledge is power, know you have this.  Cancer be brave, no self doubt, know your own resolve and you will always go forward.

If today is your birthday:

Try and fulfil your dreams by acting, one day at a time and you will accomplish.  Those who wait for the right day might never get to the finish line because the perfect day does not exist but every step you take is a step closer so don’t wait for tomorrow to start, tomorrow will soon enough become today and again waiting for the nonexistent perfect beginning.   This date will probably have grandiose plans, but the trigger needs to be pulled, loving to travel or move to faraway lands might be part of your karma, infuse the air in your home or work with a diffuser of some kind, clear the air, purify amplify the forces of nature with basic essence like lavender, frankincense etc.