A stagnant energy day use it to clear any energy cobwebs in the home, believe you can and you will achieve on this day the best you can do is work on clearing energy, smudge the home or work use a diffuser or burn some incense in the home.  Whatever you know to do will suffice but definitely not a day to do any important matters as tomorrow will be a better day across the board of your life.

On this birthday you should always find time for peace and tranquility, although you might live in the hurried world of today your soul needs quiet time to replenish. Find a park, running water, waterfall, any forest will do or just a big tree.  Overly sensitive you can be overwhelmed by the days rushed energies so breathe, yoga, tai-chi or any other exercise that will set your mind at easy if you fix this one flaw you life will have infinite possibilities.

As a magical world opens up to you realize most things around you can be used for more than one purpose, feeling attacked by negative energy just get a garlic clove and bite into it to dispel these negative forces.  Strange sensations all around you, get that garlic clove rub into the area that feels like hairs standing up, any negative area is good to rub this simple household item.  After use flush down toilet, if you are in an are where it might look weird carry one in your pocket as you crush it wo will the bad air go away.