A great day to sign documents, marriage certificate for example, any legal or official document will work better if signed today.  Open your doors to business today, if you wanted to start anything on the right foot today is a good day.

If this is your birthday driven is the best description of your personality find something to be passionate about and then pursue, you will achieve as failure is not in the vocabulary.   Take a minute to smell the roses sometimes we are in such a rush that we forget to enjoy the journey. A person with great aptitude you will reach your goals if you but think and plan before you pull the trigger otherwise its all good for this birthday space traveler of the universe.

Magic has power, explore what works for you as all people come with different gifts and some things could work great others not so much but they all work.  Get some ginger root and plant it around your home for protection and to attract abundance.  Get the powder and sprinkle a little bit on money or if you are going to do or are in the middle or some magical work and feel someone weaken just munch or a bit of ginger root to gain or regain your power.  A booster of sorts ginger should always be available in the home, if for no other purpose as its an abundance magnet.  Goldenrod is a plant that flowers, if you want to attract love wear it on your person in a pocket or purse will do and love will be easier to spot.