Energy of the day:

Great day to destroy, destruction is the only good energy today, so if you want to tear down that old shed, gut that bathroom, any destructive activity will be your best today.  If you want to overcome you should pray, meditate, use cleansing baths etc., if you must work then do your basic cleanses and off you go.  If you are a libra, be practical and frugal, buy with caution or you could overspend.

If today is your birthday:

you have all the tools, you were blessed with charisma, good looks, just a naturally good person who others come to for advice, you might be a bit overstressed, but you have to learn to say no.  Too many yeses can feel good but drain you in the prosses, if most of you is used for others how can you achieve, remember you are a psychologist of sorts, mystical as you can foresee what is to happen, don’t dismiss your intuition or you will probably regret it later when it happens just as you foresaw.