Eenergy of the day:

A good day to cleanse any energies that are holding you back, prayer, meditation, energy cleanings, try it, if you feel something is wrong this will make it right.

Leo:  If they need you be there!

Aquarius:  Get electrified, then use it to help others.

If today is your birthday:

You are smart, learn patience, do not think you are smarter or better than others even if you are, you can have an excessive or obsessive personality so try and overcome these tendencies I know you are meant for great things, but it is you that needs to find the way.  Your energies will pull you out of the country, for USA they might pull you to Europe.   If in Europe you might look into another continent, you have a gypsy soul and hopping before you settle might be the right thing for you.  Don’t dwell, that bucket of depression might touch you if you become negative about yourself.