Energy of the day:

Busy working towards something, today is the day to receive returns on all your hard work, have faith but ask, if you want to get it you must ask.  If you want to get engaged ask, if you need that promotion ask, it’s all ask and you will receive.  If you are Libra know what you want but don’t settle, you will get there so persevere.

If today is your birthday:

If this happens to be your birthday then you are smart enough to know it takes more than wishing for your reality to manifest, planning is part and execution is the other.  Fortunately, this birthday was gifted with abilities to communicate and the leadership to execute a plan, delegate and more.  You can be a bit obsessive so with these tendencies you might want to tone it down, in other words say what you need to and let it go.  Be careful with too much, what I mean is alcohol, drugs, gambling, anything to excess keep an eye on it.  Sometimes less is more, so move passed it.