Energy of the day:

Wonderful day to fulfil things you’ve had pending, so if you want to ask for something the odds of a yes have just increased today, ask for that hand in marriage, that promotion you’ve deserved but have not been offered, you get the idea.  If you are libra it’s time for you to discriminate, be careful and spend only on what you need, it’s a time for you that overboard or needless spending can over indulge.

If today is your birthday:

You should keep it real; you have a diverse personality and often even those around you might think you could be bipolar, not so much, you might even make a good CSI, crime scene investigator, your attention to detail can grow if you choose to be in this direction.  Might not be the time to want to show your hand but this is also part of your mystique.  Keep the faith, part of your alure is your creative way of thinking and feeling, very much a good friend or good partner if you are loved you will be loyal till the end.