On this day like yesterday you will have a good energy to initiate, the only downsides are it’s not a good day to start your vacation or to move from one home or office to another, if you are in the prosses then it’s ok just not the right day to start, otherwise it’s go time for most projects and the chances are good for a positive outcome.

If today is your day sometimes you might feel trapped in your life or that you are behind in your life plans.  Don’t feel bad because you are an old soul and as such you want to do more no matter what.  Knowing this can help you mitigate those weird feelings, try and listen to your dreams like most old souls you have been gifted with premonitions and dreams are one of your abilities.  Sometimes even awaking dejavu type stuff and when you do not heed the info you might later regret when it comes to pass.

The universe is mysterious, the planets that rule over us are our most powerful characteristics, how interactions with the world around us, even point to what careers we might excel at.