On this day it’s best to take a day off from anything of significance, remember we look for best energy days to go for life.  Today the energies are turbulent so anything can go wrong, does not mean it will but why risk it on something of importance.  You might also check your own sign and see if you are good or not, if not definitely nothing of importance, for example if you are a Rate or Dragon today your energies are also bad so definitely not a day to go in for surgery or dental work, anything risky.  Also on this day I would not suggest ask for a person’s hand in marriage, remember look for good days for important endeavors.

If today is your birthday then perhaps you can realize your dreams, your creative side can sometimes be drowned out by your analytical mind, find a balance and try to exercise regularly.  Generally a good looking date so if God graced you with inner and outer beauty.  If you like medicine or anything in that field then I feel you would do well to explore this option.  You can do almost anything you put your mind to so get to it as I see a long life for this birthday.