Energy of the day:

Not a good energy day, so on this day for you to do important things in your life, perhaps it’s a better day to pray, meditate, look into different ways to clear your aura of dirty or heavy energies.   We live in a world of energy and often we can get attachments and like showers if we don’t do some maintenance the energy can become stinky and as showers make your body fresh so will meditation, prayer or different forms of clearing energy.  You can go to my YouTube channel and I have plenty of videos for free for you to help yourself.

If this is your birthday:

Perhaps you can realize your dreams, your creative side can sometimes be drowned out by your analytical mind, find a balance, and try to exercise regularly.  Generally, a good-looking date so if God graced you with inner and outer beauty.  If you like medicine or anything in that field, then I feel you would do well to explore this option.  You can do almost anything you put your mind to so get to it as I see a long life for this birthday