Energy of the day:

Not a very good energy day so try and keep important matters for a better day, remember you need to clear any heavy energy and continue light.  If your energy is light this will help in any endeavors and it will even counteract the general poor energy of the day, if your energy happens to be positive today plus you do your cleansing rituals it will override any stagnant energies that might be around you.  If you are a Scorpio Energy, vitality and a clear view of your goals are the name of the game for your achievement.

If today is your birthday:

try and not underestimate yourself your body, you are more than enough for all you need to accomplish and if you are surrounded by negative people it’s easy to get rid of the baggage and continue until you find some who find you as I do a shooting star.  Try and work on your creativity, maybe even as a therapist you are very empathetic and will do well in this type of career.