Energy of the day:

Today’s energies are good and geared towards redemption, so if you are looking to cut some negative karma today is a day you can work on that throughout the day and midning you can do some prayer, meditation and or cleansing rituals.  If you wish you may go on my youtube channel and use any of the many free videos to guide you on some of the rituals.

Libra:  Choose your path carefully, not just for self gratification but rather with meaning.

Aries:  If you are lost of trying to find yourself make sure you choose a path with meaning and not frivolous without depth!


If today is your birthday:

Your sensitive nature can be an obstacle at times but more often it’s a trait that has endeared you to others.  Trust your emotions, don’t overdo it, actually you might try exercise, this activity might be the balance you need to clear up some pent-up stuff you need to start a clear new outlook on life.  Go to the ocean if you feel you’re holding on, these emotions can cause you grief the ocean might be the place to let it all goa and gain or obtain some good luck.