The energy of the day is so good all things will be possible, enjoy this end of year and stay safe, remember to always look at your own sign to double up on the good luck, for example if you are a Dragon or Snake the flow for you is also fantastic thus doubling down on the good luck for the day, if however it’s negative you may decrease the positive universal energies so always good to check your energy of the day.

If today is your birthday you are the type that will accomplish, your flow on this day is to achieve so let it all lose on the world and it will be your oyster.  If on the other hand you have tendencies to be controlling, you need to learn to overcome the desire to tell others what to do or even getting in conversations that are not yours even if you feel you have a better idea or even something to contribute.  In either case exercise can only make your life better balanced so try cardio regularly and it will curb your extra energy and balance your path so you do the best you.


If your sign is Gemini, then your birthday will be between may 21 – June 20

Gemini is ruled by Mercury the planet of communication, Gemini loves to talk and share thoughts, ideas, mysteries, and philosophy. Mercury also rules consciousness, nonverbal communication, and technology, usually endowed with a good physique may use very intellectual words and analytical in nature.  So how much of your life is ruled by mercury, scary the influence a planet has on our lives.