Energy of the day:

We have made it one more year, for some the year has been rough, very turbulent on a world view, those who work on their energy and keep the flow positive will do well next year, those naysayers will continue to suffer setbacks, so look forwards and keep your eye on the ball.  Many ways to start the new year, I preach cleaning energy, this is the tried and true way to make things better, so pray, meditate, use some cleansing rituals and know the new year will bring with it renewal.

The snake will have superb energy for this 31st of December so for you it’s a good day to do as you will, consider working on your goals for the year 2022 and you will most likely achieve a strong measure of success.

For the rest of us make sure you focus on peace, love, healing, you get the idea if we keep our aura clear filled with hope this is what we will project.  An effective cleansing that can be done for today,  if you have access to a bathtub, get 4 gallons of apple cider vinegar, fill the bathtub with warm water, add the 4 gallons of apple cider vinegar, strip and get in there, dunk head hair face, body, try to stay in there for 10 minutes.  When you get out let this mix air dry from your body, go to sleep like this so I like evening better, I know it’s the new years eve so do it before going to bed.  In the morning use to containers one with regular cooking salt and another with brown sugar, after a good shower stay wet and from the neck down exfoliate with the salt, wash it off and immediately scrub with the brown sugar, as you do the sugar please visualize attracting love, filling yourself with love, radiate love, you get the idea then wash off and dry off, you will bring in the new year with positive energy.  Starting of with the right foot, luckily you will start the new year for 2022 on a saturday so you have the weekend to absorb this new energy.  Word of warning, this is a year that exercize, specially cardio will help the mind by getting all those stray thoughts under control, those who work by keeping their energy clean and their physical body healthy will go beyond in this year 2022, so if you know that it takes why work hard if you can work smart.

If today is your birthday:

You are the type that will accomplish, your flow on this day is to achieve so let it all lose on the world and it will be your oyster.  If on the other hand you have tendencies to be controlling, you need to learn to overcome the desire to tell others what to do or even getting in conversations that are not yours even if you feel you have a better idea or even something to contribute.  In either case exercise can only make your life better balanced so try cardio regularly and it will curb your extra energy and balance your path, so you do the best you.