Energy of the day:

A day for building up, so all things you wish to get done will have plenty of room for growth today, keep in mind you must still do the heavy lifting but will provide return on your investment today, the Tiger, Horse and Dog will have to work extra to get the same results but all things are possible on such a day as today.

If today is your birthday:

For this birthday it’s important you listen and accept input from those who want to help you.  A bit of a person who likes nature, no matter how stressful release anger and think with a non-drama resolve.  You will not tire until you achieve your goals, dreams.  Get with the program you are the type of person who dreams of more, more love, more passion, can take you into excess so be careful to catch yourself before your obsessive tendencies take you to extremes.  If you have patience you will meet your goals, if you don’t persevere and you will, learn from mistakes and fix them, don’t quit.  Climb aboard, feelings are important but don’t overindulge or you might drown with too much.