Energy of the day:

Have been spinning your wheels and noting to show for it, today is a good energy day to get some traction, if you really feel you need more then you might consider an energy cleanse to purify your path of life. The Rat, Dragon, and Monkey might just need a bit of extra help so for you definitely looking for an energy cleanser will do you well, try my YouTube channel it has plenty of free advice on some positive energy things to do.

If today is your birthday:

There is a reason you like the outdoors; the sun supplements your vitamin D count so if you do not spend enough outdoors then take a vitamin D daily.   You’re a go getter and like the good life so work towards your goal.  If you feel spent then maybe your immune system can suffer so get enough sleep, exercise and three good meals a day.  Conjure your passion, it’s in you, don’t fear it rather embrace life.