Energy of the day:

Today is one of those days that all should go well, the energy supports all positive endeavor, not a good day for destruction so don’t tear things down rather build things up.  The Ox, Snake, and Rooster might have to dig deeper to make things work today but hey there is always tomorrow.

If this is your birthday:

You work best in a relationship, I should say a good relationship, love is important to you so if you’ve been betrayed or otherwise feeling used or jilted you might need to analyze was it you or someone else’s fault.  Feeling tired overwhelmed, eat well, rest, sleep don’t give up, don’t give in just be honest to yourself.  We all like the good life listen to advice sometimes you can be a little hardheaded.  What you plant today will give fruit in the future, so learn, even if you don’t see the use in education in the moment it will become clear in the future.