Energy of the day:

Today is not just a good day, rather a day where any long term plans can be implemented, so any project that you want to go the distance today is a good day to initiate.  Not a particularly good day to go to court or start a trip, if you are in either it’s ok.

if today is your birthday:

Don’t really like to be told what to do, in your family or the family of your spouse there should be a nature connect as this date does well in nature, forest, ocean if around nature all should work better.  Extremity issue, hands, feet, legs or other.  Because of this nature connect you sometimes need alone time and have a sensitive creative side that needs to be understood.  Your mind wonders and needs input to flourish so meditate and learn to envision your reality and it could become your new truth.  As you get older keep an eye for circulatory issues so exercise will be a good thing in the prevention of vascular issues.  If a woman, you have a better than average chance of twins if you want children, remember sadness is your enemy so shake it off and forwards.  Bipolar or manic depressive is an emotional trait to keep an eye out, as long as you stay active physically and emotionally you will overcome.  Can be a judge in other words can mediate any difficulty between friends, can speak sharp and sometimes people might find that too much so think before you speak.  First twenty-seven years can have issues in relationships, between twenty-seven to thirty-six years of age is optimal time for marriage.  Problems in relationships, romantic or socioeconomic, let’s say failed relationship you might bounce back to the old partner.  May have spiritual blessings through psychic development.