Energy of the day:

If you have been working towards a goal today is a good day to get it done, want to apply for that new job, ask for more money, get engaged, all those things you’ve wanted have a better chance for a yes or completion today.  On the other hand the Rat, Snake, Rooster have complicated energies so these three should work on their spirituality today, time to get back to basics for you.

If today is your birthday:

Being hard headed is never a good quality, be open to input and don’t always think they are trying to tell you what to do.  Nature is beautiful, outdoors life will be good for you, plenty of sun and shake off any depressive tendencies, your leadership abilities will show early in life don’t throw them away as they will lead to a successful adult later on.  So, what if you must restart, it’s always better to do it right than to face failure for your rush.