Energy of the day:

This Sunday is a good day to open doors go to church, temple, you get the idea prayer can move mountains then on Monday execute, the day will offer opportunities for those who choose to take it, do your business plan then execute it on the coming week.

The Dragon, Horse, Goat and Pig will have low energy today so for you even with the above it’s recommended to do some cleaning ritual, if you wish find my channel on YouTube and there are ton’s of free suggestion.  On this same energy of the day if you look back to many of the previous days I’ve given some specific rituals to work with.

If today is your birthday:

Keep an eye on your vision, if you already wear glasses you might need a checkup and a change of prescription.  If your sensitive nature leads you astray, try and control your emotions, there is truly nothing beyond your reach.  The water is a conduit for you so try and live close to the ocean, quite simple things to enhance your spirituality, meditate, visualize, and let life flow in the positive spirit zone.  Feeling more comfortable in your own skin, then when stressed use your mind and not your emotions to solve any difficult situation.