Energy of the day:

Not a very stable day so unless you must stay frosty today and just enjoy a quiet day relax and replenish, on a more enlarged view today begins a new energy that will allow us to get better in touch with our dream life, if you do get regular messages through dreams please start writing them down as this time will last many years you might as well join this new time by getting better insight to what is to come through your own dreams.

If today is your birthday:

Anger does not solve problems rather creates new ones, keep up your cardio, any type of sport, if you have these issues then any sort of exercise will help release and you will function much better.  Caution with a ticket or other vehicle issues, you tend to be sensual so keep yourself in check or it can get away from you.  You are deep, don’t let shortsightedness or attitudes get in your way to your destinations, you have many throughout life. Those expressive eyes can get you farther then attitude so learn to use all given to you by God and stop looking on the other side of the fence, you have all you need.