Energy of the day:

This is the age that all is possible, it’s good to take time to work on yourself so on a day like today with some volatile energies flowing in the world it is best for you to work on yourself.  Start with some meditation, clean your aura, write down your goals or a business plan, you get the idea.


If today is your birthday:

try your hand at creative endeavors, you might even write a best seller, if interested in sales you have the gift for talk so you could try your hand at that as well.   You are an interesting person so enjoy the journey; travel learn become all you can be.  Your tendency could be to dwell on the past if so then focus and look ahead, you might have a long life and need to keep your eyes forwards, leave the past in the past.  Like writing then this could be a good thing for you to work on, maybe books, blogs, your potential for putting things down on paper is good so any career that involves the written word will be a good one for you.