this is a day that all should flow with minor if any inconvenience, remember to keep your thoughts positive and the world will flow in your direction.

If this is your birthday, pay attention what you do, easy to get clumsy since you are always in your head, stay focused and careful with a lower extremity injury, all avoidable so you could be mad at self for not paying attention.


Jupiter, makes all bigger, extravagance is the best word to describe this happy planet.

Saturn is structured planet, helps with concentration

Impulsive is a trait of uranus, not happy with status quo, depending on the house this planet is in is how it will affect the flow of your life.

Neptune is the dreamer, can be childish, artistic, flights of fantasy

Pluto can be obsession driven, impulsive, a bit fanatical, too emotionally driven

Remember the signs and houses are counterclockwise, the planets move slowly, this is always about the combination how things are affected in your life path