This is a day of initiation, start any project, get married, start a new job, use the energies of new beginnings for anything that suits you, don’t waste this abundant day.

If today is your birthday your energies best suited for pastel colors, so this day works best with the blue green of the ocean,either color will enhance your mojo, be creative in your endeavors, generally this birthday will work well under pressure, don’t let any self doubt seep into who you are.

On this abundant day initiate a ritual to change the things you most want for self.  Ge1t a notepad and write the 3 things you want to change as if fact already, for example:   1. I am confident    2. I am healthy   3. I am loving

Once you pick your three, every night just before you go to sleep pick up your notebook and write down I am confident say it out loud, close your eyes and visualize yourself in a confident scenario.  so just like that do for the other two, you do the same thing again in the morning just after waking.  I guarantee if you do this you will change these things within the first 90 days.