Energy of the day:

Worse day of the month, keep low profile, concentrate on prayer, work on meditation, make some spiritual baths, anything to clear the stagnant energy of the day.

If today is your birthday:

A bit high strung, you must find your center, don’t let the hassle bustle of a busy life lead you to a break down, find your quiet place daily like a quick meditation can and will give you what you need to stay on task.  A bit naïve at times but this is your quality that makes you so tasty, be you never change to conform it will snuff out your light.  If you’re feeling frustrated and can’t get out of this rut, find someone you trust and talk about it.

In astrology we can define some of our path and what’s important, so if we look on the house 9 you can see into travel, higher education, philosophy, ethics and more.