A great day to make plans, to execute plans, all positive endeavors have a better chance of coming through so pull the trigger on all your thoughts.

If your birthday today it’s good to be good but no one likes a show off so be humble, make sure you get enough sleep, drink enough water, and take a good multivitamin.

if you are 25 or 37 years of age this year, looks good for you to have green light to attain your goals, make relationships work for you, look towards the future as this particular year should be easy to achieve goals.


Libra: friendship, equality, sharing, needs balance partnership, team player, likes to look good no matter the occasion

Scorpio: Intense, introverted, magnetic, charismatic, jealous, mechanic

Sagittarius: expansive, fun-loving, travel, dislikes details more of a big idea person, likes broad topics, politics, economics, education, public communications and media, advertising

Capricorn: Mature, detached, strategic, manipulative, formal, geared towards business, good planner and organizer

Aquarius: Progressive, modern, eccentric, free spirit, group-oriented,friendly but cool and unsentimental

Pisces: Imagination, idealistic, artistic, sacrificing, impressionable, gullible, day dreamer, fantasizes