Today is a good day to do anything positive, stay away from complications like a fight or lawsuit today, remember the wave today is to get results from your endeavors so if you’ve been getting ready for something today might be a good day to actually do it.

If today is your birthday, let your inner creativity out, stop self doubt and see your best self in the mirror, don’t worry about others, that person staring back is the only person you have to answer to. You were born with a spiritual gift, let your instincts guide you, be careful with habits that can get out of hand. For example, can’t sleep well you could get addicted to what ever you are taking.

Bad day for ox, good day for rabbit

In astrology what is an aspect, this includes the planets, sun and moon, these are angles between the planets, these special angular distances combined together affect the  behavior or personality of the person. Three main parts to astrology the houses, signs and planets, all together will give a good representation of you life. When you look at your birth chart, the houses or areas of life, the signs are the qualities of life, the planets are our experiences here on earth. So what house the planet is located and the sign the characteristics. The sun represent your masculine or outer personality, the moon your inner personality. Your ascendant and chart ruler show how your life will unfold and who you will become.