The stagnant energies of this day promotes you plowing through with good energy, remember the best way to beat an obstacle is by going around it not through, although sometimes if you have no choice going through a situation will make you stronger.

If your birthday you are charmed, charismatic, creative, don’t let your luck make you lazy and try to live by shortcuts, there is always more benefits to doing the work.  Walk to the beat of your own drum, don’t be afraid to be you.


Conjunctions are just to planets close to each other, I know this is a complicated thing, astrology i mean but if you are truly interested it would be good to learn, for your future and the future of those close to you.  I practice spirituality and have many practitioners of astrology as friends, we are both surprised how many times i say something and they look up the astrological way and it fits.  I always tell people the truth is the truth and there are many modalities to achieve a destination.