Energy of the day:

It’s not a good day to travel or initiate travel, also not a good day to move homes, otherwise the day is restful  to initiate all new endeavors.

If today is your birthday:

You have a potential because you have brains and a good disposition, people will generally like you, it’s a gift most do not naturally poses, a good communicator can be good dealing with the public,  don’t let your negative side bring you down, mostly self-esteem issues you bring on from past experiences.  To overcome must let go, if you are in a position of authority or own your own business push as you can grow form there, limits are your own imagination.  You are a child of love and affection, if you have a choice to make sleep on it, then some more thinking, never jump without looking or looking at it from all angles.  Hang with people that are an asset and not a liability cut the cord and make new friendships.