This is a great day to clean house, organize, even spiritual prancises to cleanse energies are good for today.  It’s a day to change though processes, if there are obstacles you create by dwelling make it a day to release these mental obstacles.  If you need to go see a doctor also a day to do so, it’s another type of cleanse. Remember my predictions for 2020 included a year filled with natural turbulence, the year is far from over. Those who work spiritual for a positive goal will be spared much of what is still to come.

If today is your birthday don’t think you are crazy, bipolar, what you are is truly open spiritually and with so many energies affecting you it might seem like you are scattered but it’s all about spirituality with you.  If you are into it you need to realize this and if not maybe becoming more open might serve you best.

Bad day for the Ox and the Rooster


Everything carries a meaning:

the sun for example represents who you are depending on the house it resides in.

Moon is all about your moods, your nurturing qualities.

Mercury is all about your logic or creativity, your conscious thoughts

Venus is all about your beauty and love, self,

Your passion is Mars, ambition, energy aggressive tendancies outbursts etc.