Spiritual growth and abundance ( New E-book)

Spiritual growth and abundance ( New E-book)







Spiritual growth and abundance E-Book

This incredible book is not your typical spiritual development book, rather a step by step to growing a better life using your own spirituality.  It will walk you through practical exercises how to find joy in your life.  How to use self-talk, clear energy blocks to achieve your goals.  A renewal and recharge of your life and goals, use your natural gifts to communicate to your spirit guide and your ancestors; after all, they are the ones who want you to succeed in this life!  Living in gratitude is key, if always negative you will bring about your own downfall.  Prayers, self-love, it’s hard to gain others acceptance and love if you don’t have it inside yourself.  Valuable techniques to mediumship, overcome internal struggles, fulfilment of your best destiny.   Best handling and overcoming stressful living, life choices, choose well, the deeper meaning to emotional roller-coaster and overcoming emotional shortcomings.  Learn how greatness is yours and opening the doors to obtaining your goals.  Astrology has a part in your destiny, understand it and how it affects your day to day, your life path, life’s meaning and how you can use gratitude to excel and so much more!





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Readings and Healing over the phone in 15 countries and 34 states, TV and radio as well as events and group chats on development based on my book Life and Beyond. With my energy work and cleansing I’ve been able to help thousands and nothing is more rewarding than helping those in need, thanks for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of so many.

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