Energy of the day:

It’s a day where if you have been getting ready, putting in the hours, time, energy then it’s a day to return on your invested energies, so working toward that promotion, ask your boss, turn in that application for that joy you’ve been hoping for been romancing your significant other, ask today and you might finally move in together.

If today is your birthday:

you should toughen up, to sensitive can be a detriment, check your eyes as you might need to wear glasses, be a bit more aggressive on taking on what you want out of life, there is nothing worse than regret.  Water might be your energy, if so try and always live close to water, river, lake, ocean you get the idea.  Try and get an energy cleansing done in those areas, if you need to attract better luck, schedule an appointment Hector will guide you through the ones that will work best for you energetically.