Energy of the day:

It’s a good day, today you may stay the course or try change, both will be good for you today.

The Ox, Snake, Monkey and Rooster have less than desirable energies today so for you maybe spiritual cleansings, meditate, pray, up your energy with any of these.

Aquarius:  Your time to expand your social life, take advantage and enjoy.

Leo:  It’s not all about you, all might be good with you, perhaps focus a little on those around you that might need of you right now!

If today is your birthday:

If you learn to harness your spiritual gifts summon your ancestors, call on all good souls in your hour of need.  Don’t allow disrespect from others, infidelity usually has root cause, do good and avoid betrayal.  Charisma and follow through powerful combo to success, there are few that can contain themselves in your presence as your sensual nature can overcome any even the hardest critics, once you turn on the charm you will be unstoppable.  Good at communication not only physically but verbally the level of conquest for you is great, don’t let it make you arrogant or it will all collapse.  No one person can do it all, include others, if you seem to be ignoring someone bring them closer as they could become an asset.